Déni : Ce post est signifié pour des buts éducatifs seulement ! ! ! Il y a beaucoup de la manière dont tu peus envoyer à email.In anonyme ce post que je te montrerais que comment à faire that.With ce post tu peus égaliser le polisson votre ami en lui envoyant un message semblant venir de Barack Obama le président d'America.Irrespective des nombreuses méthodes disponibles ceci est le plus fiable et la méthode efficace je t'ai trouvé devrait juste aller à et tu commences à envoyer vos email faux.






Many of you would have been wondering on hw to send free sms and to any part of the world yes that’s possible.First of all the MTN network permits you to send free sms at after subscription but the sms are limited to three per day.But presently u can send free sms any around the globe at after subscription you just need to put in your location,destination phone number and write your message.Thats simple.You can try that.
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free sms: ; hope you enjoy them!!!






I know most of you guys get disappointed after having deleted an important file,music or document from your computer or any storage device because you know you can never recover it.But it can be recovered .What you delete deos not actually disappear its just that a new layer is created over the file making it not visible any longer.well there are many available tools to recover deleted information but the best I have so far and is easy to find for free is Recuva recovery tool.I have tried it and it works.I succeeded in recovering 49 videos out of 51 deleted on a friends hard disk drive and he was very amazed .You can dowload it at Download Recuva from




FREE VoiP calls

Hello friends i would be teaching you on how to make free calls around the VoiP calls.first you would need to go to and sign up for an account.Next you dial your number.You can make only 2 free calls which would last for 2mins after that and error message would display.At this point you would have to hide your ip by restarting your modem if you are using a dynamic ip but if you are using a static ip address you would need to use tools like easy hide ip, ultrasurf to hide or change your ip can download the easy hide ip at but its not a freeware .You can use it for more than its limited time with this cracked version







C is a programming language of many different dialects, similar to the way that each spoken language has many different dialects. In C, dialects don’t exist because the speakers live in the North or South. Instead, they’re there because there are many different compilers that support slightly different features. There are several common compilers: in particular, Borland C++, Microsoft C++, and GNU C. There are also many front-end environments for the different compilers–the most common is Dev-C++ around GNU’s G++ compiler. Some, such as GCC, are free, while others are not.
In programming terms C lacks some safety features provided by other programming languages. This makes the language much more flexible.However, if I do something stupid C will not stop me, so I have a much greater chance of crashing the computer with a C program than I do with a safer language.This is not something to worry about, you should always work on the basis that any computer will tolerate no errors on my part and anything that I do which is stupid will always cause a disaster!.I have uploaded Dev-C++ compiler at and you can download a C language tutorials at this link .If you have any problem on the language contact me.
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Recently i discovered a marvelous tool on the net which helped me perform this.Why?this was because most cybers i tried hacking either hard their task managers disabled or if the process running the cybers counter was stoped I a was easily busted.finally I found this tool call procxp.exe which acts as a virtual task manager and has the option to suspend a process and not to stop it thus pausing your counter.I uploaded the tool at this link and you can download it for free.then you run it and go to the process on which the cybers counter runs on(which is most often having a “.exe” extension),then you right click and you suspend it.that all.exemple if its running on cyber cafepro you would see ccp.exethen you just suspend it





hi friends most of you are fun of facebook and love using on your mobile at the expense of data charges but facebook can now be used on mobile without any data charges just by putting in the following link in phone and there it goes with no charges !!!!!!!!!!!!!







hi friends most of u get anonymous emails from different locations or from people who tend to hide their location from u.Now there is no secret because u can locate the senders and know his location and other informations about him like the connection he is using,where he is found and others.To do that
How do I get the header to start the trace email process?

Each electronic messaging program will vary as to how you get to the message options. I’ll cover the basics to start the trace…the rest is up to you.

* Outlook – Right click the message while it’s in the inbox and choose Message Options. A window will open with the headers in the bottom of the window.

* Windows Live – Right click the correspondence while it’s in the inbox, choose Properties, then click the Details tab.

* GMail – Open the correspondence. In the upper right corner of the email you’ll see the word Reply with a little down arrow to the right. Click the down arrow and choose Show Original.

* Hotmail – Right click the memo and choose View Message Source.

* Yahoo! – Right click the note and choose View Full Headers.

* AOL – Click Action and then View Message Source.

You can see that no matter the program, the headers are usually just a right click away.
I’ve got the header, now how do I start the trace?

The next step to trace an email address is to find the first IP listed in the header. This is most likely the IP initiating point. However, there are exceptions to this. You’ll have to look at the information logically to deduce the originating IP.
Can you trace any email address?

Yes and No. For example, someone who sends a message to your hotmail account shows in the X-Originating IP section of the headers. However, someone who sends you a message from GMail will ONLY trace back to Google IP addresses.
so u can goto these links and paste the header of ur message to trace at any of the following links and u get all info about the sender




SQL injection


SQL injection is an attack in which malicious code is inserted into strings that are later passed to an instance of SQL Server for parsing and execution. Any procedure that constructs SQL statements should be reviewed for injection vulnerabilities because SQL Server will execute all syntactically valid queries that it receives. Even parameterized data can be manipulated by a skilled and determined attacker.

SQL Injection can be done by manually injection or via automatic tools. Automatic tools are easy to use and do not require much technical knowledge.

In this tutorial we will discuss Havij. Havij is an automated SQL Injection tool that helps penetration testers to find and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web page.

You can download havij from here.
We will use google dorks to find the vulnerable websites, there is a big list of google dorks which I will post in my future articles but at this time we will only use the following:





Just search google using one of the dork and you will see a lot of vulnerable websites.
Open any one of the website than put ‘ after the link look:
If you get the following SQL error, that means the website is vulnerable to SQL-injection attack.
Follow the free video tutorial below to perform the attack.




Sending a song throug Facebook


Sending a message on facebook a different song by sending messages such as a mp3 song to acquaintances and anyone who has linked his account with us on facebook account. There is a trick easy to do, here are :

1. Prepare a song that will be sent

2. Upload a file to a site hosting the file storage services such as fileave, ripway, ziddu and others. Then copy the url of the song, for example:

3. Go to profile people who you will send the song

4. Click on the link icon below the message wall

5. Enter the URL of the song in the link column

6. Paste the link and click “Share”.

If the suffix of the url is not in the form of mp3, such as html, then the songs will be played at the hosting site storage of songs.






Facebook fever have mushroomed in such a way in the association development. Communication between persons through facebook more interest than on other social networking sites.

Facebook fever would be even better if added with a feature such as “free SMS via Facebook.” This feature will be very useful if we will chat with an offline friend. So the message will still be up to him.

Free SMS is provided by dodotext, a free SMS provider via Facebook, Friendster and dodotext mobile applications. Dodo text is an online service owned by Tactica Labs Pte Ltd Singapora origin serving GSM SMS to the number of all countries around the world for free.

To use SMS dodotext via facebook:

1. Visit
2. Click the Facebook link in the Add Our Facebook Application
3. Log into your Facebook account
4. Press the Allow button to allow entry into the facebook application
5. Then add the application to the profile.

To start an SMS, SMS settings first destination country, destination phone number, and type your message (max 100 characters), then press the Send SMS.

Additional features for free SMS via Friendster is not much different with facebook. Whereas for use dodotext mobile SMS applications, we need to register first and will get 5 free SMS every day. Let’s try it now ..







Hacking into Internet hotspots and wireless network is not difficult. This trick can also be used to find the password used by a person in accessing hotspots typically use prepaid cards i.e refill cards.I tried this trick and it worked.

Some tools are Laptop or PC which has WiFi facility. In addition, it took some software among others:

1. AngryIP Scanner (108 kb) or Advanced ip scanner: software for scanning IP address and search for mac computers victims. This software is portable. So it does not need installation process.
Advanced ip scanner
2. Mac Address Charger (312 kb): This software is to change the mac address.
I my previous post you would find a link to download Amac address
Click Here for previous post

Follow the steps below :

1. Find the location of the hotspot service provider.e.g MTN HOTSPOT

2. Turn on your laptop and turn on the same wireless network. Then right-click the wireless network system tray icon and select view available wireless network, then connect to a wireless hotspot is your destination.

3. Right click the system tray and select Status-> Tab Detail ->. Write the IP address that appear.

4. Open Courses AngryIP Scanner or advanced ip scanner and IP fill with range which we will scan at the top. For example: we can IP, enter the range in the first column, but replace the numbers at the end with 1 to and in the second column write down the field the same but the number one end of the dressing with 255 to The results is to and click start (red button).

5. After the scan then we will get a live IP data and connected with these hotspots. After the scanning process is complete, then see the IP are active (alive hosts) in blue. Right-click on an IP is active, then right click on an IP that was blue -> show -> mac address and there will be code mac address (mac addresses sometimes there does not appear, just choose another ip). Write down the mac address that we get.

6. Open the Mac Address Changer program that we have prepared earlier. There is a mac address field. Now change the mac address with which we got earlier and press change mac id.

7. Temporary connection disconnected and connect again automatically.

8. Sign in to a web browser and enjoy the free internet access…





Ringo hacks


hi friends back again with a new hack but deu to security reasons I can’t really post it all. The hack is for those who live in Cameroon and use the ringo network for internet browsing. I got a hack through which u can hack and get accounts for free browsing and even transfer credit but. For more info you can contact me. My contact is above . thanks!!!! and stay cool and remember that all the hacks in on my blog are explicitly for educational purposes!!





Formation au Hacking


Il faut avoir un très bon niveau en informatique pour être un hackeur, un très très bon niveau. C'est pour cela que nous ne pensons pas être capable de vous former mais nous vous conseillons d'aller sur le site : qui est vraiment bien (et naturelement en français mais plutôt conseillé aux personnes jouissant de l'ADSL car il est long à charger). Nous allons quand même vous donner un apreçu des bases du hacking.

Nous pouvons tout de même vous permettre de télécharger des cours de formation aux techniques du Hacking qui sont pas écrit par notre team.